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Where is your studio located?
Grove City, OH

Do you offer virtual lessons for people who are not local?
Yes we do!

What styles do you teach?
I specialize in all contemporary genres including Musical Theatre, Rock, Jazz, Country, Indie, Worship,  Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel, and more.

I'm New! How do I get started?
Click here for more info!

How do you take payments?
All payments are done online. No cash or checks accepted.

Do you have an age requirement?
Due to the advanced nature of my teaching, I usually do not start with students under the age of 13. However, I have made a few exceptions based on singing level and maturity. If you have a student under the age of 13, please feel free to reach out and I would be happy to give you some recommendations and direction.

Are recitals required?
Nope! All performances and events are optional.

What is the difference in weekly lessons and pop-in lessons?
Weekly lessons require a weekly commitment whereas pop-in lessons are a more flexible option for those who cannot attend regularly. Pop-in students simply book the week they want to meet. This option is based on availability that week.

Are events open to the public?
Yes! Invite all your friends and family. We would love to have you!

Do you have merchandise I can buy?
Yes! You can shop online now by clicking HERE!

Stop into one of our live recitals.

Who can come to lessons with me?
For younger students and teens, it is optional for parents to come sit in. For adult students, it is preferred to attend alone but as long as visitors are not distracting, they are welcome.

Where are virtual recording recitals aired?
We have used out ARISE with Cierra Facebook page in the past but are looking into other platforms. Be sure to join our mailing list for all updates.

How much does it cost to attend recitals?
Only $10.00!
Ages 13 and under get in free!

What do I need to bring?
Before we meet, you will receive a Voice Lesson Policy that will have all details included regarding what to bring.

Do I have to have sheet music for everything I sing?
Nope! Simply brainstorm songs and bring the titles. If we decide a specific song needs to be purchased, we will do so as needed.

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